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Over 40 years of

Applying the highest quality Electroless Nickel deposition possible on various substrates.

Electroless Nickel Plating of Louisiana Inc. (ENP) was established in 1975 to satisfy all your Electroless Nickel plating needs. With this well diversified and seasoned team, ENP can handle all tasks–from the smallest most delicate parts to equipment weighing up to 20 tons. Furthermore, ENP is one of the few North American shops to have plating tanks over 4,500 gallons.

Electroless Nickel Plating of LA is positioned at the intersection of two major interstate highways–I-55 & I-12 and is accessible from all four points of the compass. We’re minutes away from the Illinois Central Railroad, the Hammond Airport, (soon to have a US Customs facility) and The Port of Manchac, which handles freight from vessels on the Mississippi River.

Our current customers both demand and receive the best Electroless nickel deposits. Whether it is their own company specification(s) or to ASTM or other industry standards we meet or exceed them.

We respond to all situations from small to large, and from simple to the most complex. Whether your problems concern corrosion resistance, wear resistance, or both, we will solve them all. If your components are carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, cast iron, or some combination of materials, we can plate them.

Post plate heat treatments are a routine operation at Electroless Nickel of Louisiana. Our tank capacities range from as small as 600 gallons to as large as 4500 gallons.

We have crane capacities to 20 tons. ENP of LA has barrel plating for your very small, high quantity components. If these are not enough we will accommodate as necessary.

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